Relative Deprivation

Relative Deprivation

Relative Deprivation

Throughout one’s life, they will realize that there will be very few instances where resources can be said to be enough. It is for his reason that fair allocation of resources has even been made a science. In many cases, resources will be allocated based on certain criteria or based on a system. Those that are seen to be in a better physical, mental or social position will often not be given first pick when it comes to allocation of resources. Traditionally, even in times of crisis, women and children have taken precedence when it comes to emergency services as well as relief. This is human nature. However, those considered to be able bodied and are not the ones to receive such services first, or at all, tend to feel deprived of something that some may feel they are entitled to. Relative deprivation.

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Research has shown that juniors and seniors in college do in fact experience a lot of relative deprivation. This has led them to develop many different attitudes towards other students, towards their schools and towards life, most of which are negative. The paper has compared the attitudes of freshmen and non-freshmen and seniors. It has found that the attitudes of seniors are affected by the relative deprivation they experience. It has found that to avoid this, collages should explain the reasons behind the disparity in resource allocation. This will bring about understanding, especially to the seniors and will ensure that they do not have the negative attitudes described above.

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