Reflection Paper:Hypothesis testing

Hypothesis testing is made up of a number of steps that provide a clear procedure that works for any form of problem presented. The first step is making assumptions and it involves making assumptions concerning such issues like the sample size, the level of variable measurement, the population distribution and the sampling method to use. The second step involves statement of the two hypotheses; the research hypothesis (h1) and the null hypothesis. During this second stage, the alpha is also selected.

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The topics that gave me the most difficulty were paired observations and the hypothesis test. I am engaged in the field of bookkeeping and tax preparation and the weekly topics are a lot of help to me in that I am now better equipped to understand how proper research in my field should be carried out.

Lind, D. A., Marchal, W. G., & Wathen, S. A. (2011). Basic statistics for business and economics (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

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