Reflection paper on the letters of Paul

Reflection paper on the letters of Paul

Reflection paper on the letters of Paul.

Reflection paper on the letters of Paul: My name is Phillip and I was born live in Corinth, Rome. I come from a polygamous family in which my father had three wives. I was born of my father’s second wife alongside my five brothers and three sisters. Our land is a rich centre for commerce.

In fact, it is regarded as on one of the wealthiest places in the neighborhood. This is because it is situated in isthmus which hosts two harbors, of which one leads to Italy and the other leads to Asia.

This has made it easy to do business with other two distant countries.  In addition, agriculture and manufacturing industry has helped greatly in acquisition of massive wealth. I am a hardworking individual who has been able to acquire wealth through agriculture and trade.ew Testament:

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All in all, there are some teachings about Christianity that I agree on. It advocates for people to live harmoniously and to be righteous (Harris 78). The truth is that if we all live according to his teachings, we will be able to live in a world full of love for one another.

We would never be able to hurt anyone and God would be our guiding light. However, in my own view, I would prefer a world where there is no specific dogma to guide us.

As long as people live harmoniously and obey the laws of nature, there is no point in relying in doctrines so carefully such that a small thing may lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.

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Harris, Stephen L. The New Testament: A Student’s Introduction. New York: MGraw-Hill, 2012. Print.

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