Reflection Paper

Reflection paper

Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper; To begin with, I was able to identify myself as a professional, and conduct myself as such from the beginning of the interview to finish. My role in the interview was established early on with the introduction with Rita. The first regards to the client “Hi Rita. How are you? Come in, take a seat” to express a good professional demeanor in line with EPA Competency 2.1 (Hepworth, et al., 2013).

I also managed to employ professional judgment to Rita’s problem, being able to assist Rita to enhance her own strength thus increasing her voice in the judgment and decision making about her problem, “ I know very well you’ve been having anxiety issues”…. “What do you believe is triggering these memories” “What do you think is causing your anxiety?” This encourages Rita to think over her anxiety problem, break it down

……….middle of paper………..

Using empathy, I was able to personally engage with Rita and identify a solution to her problem; walking through her emotions and thoughts at the time of her anxiety attack I was able to single out her dinner routine as the issue. We were able to identify changing the dinner routine and dinner time, which Rita had never thought about before.

Rita and her husband is a contributing factor to improving her anxiety issues, but also it could be the other way around, that is, Rita not being able to communicate with her husband is part of the anxiety problem.

Hepworth, D., Rooney, R., Rooney, G., & Strom-Gottfried, K. (2013). Brooks/Cole

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