Reflection of English

Reflection of English

Reflection of English

Reflection of English 1302 course was an ideal experience for me. The class, predominantly focused on the analytical and research writing skills. The class provided me the opportunity of revising my first essay drafts in order to make them better in an attempt to better my score for the final draft.The class also afforded me an opening to make key modifications to all my essays, for instance, through obliterating, rearranging, and toting, in addition to the chance to focus on essays the central points. These generally aided in making the essays outstanding.

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The Cask of Amontillado/The Lottery was one of the papers which I had to make crucial modifications, in an attempt to better or more outstanding. These accounts are disconcerting owing to their simplicity and upfront violence.  Generally, the course was a splendid experience. All the essays were entirely different but very interesting. Restructuring my essay, obliterating information, toting information, and focusing on the central ideas of the essays assigned was the reason behind scoring good grades in most of the assignments. Following my successful completion of the English 1302 course, I managed to accomplish the following

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