Reducing Energy Usage

Reducing Energy Usage

Reducing Energy Usage.

Reducing Energy Usage: Homes, workplaces, and on transport utilizes a lot of energy. It is advisable to consider efficient means of energy consumption and reduce or eliminate energy wastage.

When homes and offices reduce on energy wastages, it is advantageous environment and also saves on finances. Most of the energy is consumed through regulating the temperatures in the rooms by cooling or warming, home appliances, lighting the house, and on transportation.

There are numerous procedures that can be taken to reduce energy consumption. The first step involves ensuring that all the computers are turned off, and the unused appliances are unplugged when not in use.

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severe dusty storms created by drought, floods, reduction of snow accumulation, and shortened winter seasons. There are alternative fuels that vehicles can use instead of fossil energy. Biodiesel is an example of such sources of non-fossil energy that can be used to replace gasoline powered vehicles (USDE, 2009).

Biodiesel is a renewable domestic fuel obtained from agricultural by-products and co-products like soybean oils, greases, and other natural oils. Biodiesels can be used in pure form, or it can be blended with petroleum.

Some engine restricts the amount of the biodiesels that can be used on them for example, common rail engines has high pressure making biodiesel ineffective thus it is limited to using very low level of biodiesel for these fuels break down deposits of residue that can clog the engine filters. Biodiesel is used in vehicles with five percent blend.


U.S department of energy (USDE). (2009). Sustainability of Biofuels: Future Research Opportunity.

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