Red Pill verses Blue Pill

Red Pill verses Blue Pill

Red Pill verses Blue Pill.

Red Pill verses Blue Pill: Matrix film was directed and produced by Andy Wachowski and Larry to reveal the discontent that was developing in the real world in the United States of America which was later demolished after the movie was released in theatre.

The political reference that was established in the original matrix made the film to be familiar and original to the people thus resulting in the movie becoming popular.

In the film Matrix, Thomas Anderson the protagonists realize that in the world there is existence of an illusion which is created by the machines. These sentiment machines later turn against their makers and throw their power to control the world.

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liberty of the humanity in the world. However, the red pill will challenge him because it will reveal the whole truth about the world because of it is harsh, blemish and uncomfortable nature.

The red pill was to act as a wake up call to Anderson. About the social injustice that is prevalent in the world. And it will enable him to internalize the real situation in the real world which is allowed when blue pill is considered. Anderson should consider taking the red pill because he will be set free.

He will be in a position to handle social injustice that is very prevalent in the world. Taking the red pill will make him struggle to liberate people from injustice that is prevalent in the world and will make him understand the world better resulting to monumental change.

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