The recruitment process is a process that involves various phases and unless the employees in charge of the process are carefully the entire process will end up being a failure. Therefore, the process commences by a determination of an organization’s recruitment targets. Thus, the targets usually vary from organization to organization.

Even though the targets may vary from organization to organization all the organizations want individuals who have experience and have the ability to carry out various tasks within the organization. The recruitment process commences with identification of vacant positions, follow by development and creation of position description, a select search committee is then select. For applicants to know what is expected of them the minimum requirements of the vacant position are published in newspapers and other media platforms. The selection committee is in charge of selecting the best candidate for the job.

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Additionally, in the connection of results-based administration, the Inspectors take note of that obligation regarding the enlistment procedure and choices has been progressively appointed to the chiefs concerned, with less direct association of HR administration (HRM) officers (Belt and Paulilo, 1982).

Belt, J., & G.P. Paulilo, J. (1982). The Influence of Corporate Image and Specificity of Candidate Qualifications on Response to Recruitment Advertisement

United States. (1993). Recruitment. Washington, DC (1331 F St., NW, Washington 20004: President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.

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