Energy cooperative board of directors solicits client for personal consulting business while they are speaking with potential clients for energy cooperative. At the point when board solicit client for their purpose while doing business on the board of directors of energy cooperative resulting to a conflict of interest. Conflict of interest is a situation where potential to challenge the fairness of a person.

Professional members involved in a conflict of interest are subjected to disciplinary proceeding before the body granted permission to practice the profession. The recommendation to directors is to be accountable for their job by gaining clientele for the energy programs that that are available energy cooperative. In case they are caught, they situation will be perceived as conflict of interest and could be sued by energy cooperative. When the board of directors are serving their interest rather than that of stakeholders, they can bring legal troubles for themselves and the energy cooperative that cost money. Therefore, it is crucial for directors to abide by the law for the purpose of ensuring stakeholders have the time to concentrate on the energy programs and its clientele (Hira, 2013, p. 125).

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It is crucial for both Energy cooperative and Clean Power Company to provide social amenities for the purpose of earning respect from the community.

Daim, T., Yates, D., Peng, Y., & Jimenez, B. (2009). Technology assessment for clean energy technologies: the case of the Pacific Northwest. Technology in Society, 31(3), 232-243.

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