Recidivism in Rapists

Recidivism in Rapists

Recidivism in Rapists.

Recidivism in Rapists: Recidivism can be defined as the tendency to repeat previous undesirable character traits, especially a crime. One factor that is crucially considered when making authorizing decisions is the likelihood of a repeat violation.

For a situation to be considered recidivist, the re-offence entails voluntary revelation of arrest and conviction. This means that most recidivist rates may differ considerably from reported rates (Schwartz, 2012).

This paper will base its research on repeat sexual offenders. It will highlight some of the factors that might lead to recidivism among rapist and provide solutions that might end this ethical concern. It will also look at some of the guiding principles psychologists use when treating recidivists.

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This will help in reforming them while still inside so that there is an unlikely repeat of the offence when released. Some nations have tried to reduce recidivism in rapist by introducing harsh penalties for those convicted.

This is workable as once a rapist is convict it would be extremely hard for them to repeat the offence once previously expose to it (Leversee, 2010). Recidivism is a common issue among most sex offenders.

They may be willing or unwillingly recidivist but most of them just find themselves back on that path. However we can see that this is just a dysfunctional behavior and it can be deal with easily as long as the offender is willing to comply.


Schwartz, B. K. (2012). The sex offender: Current trends in policy and treatment practice : volume VII. Kingston, NJ: Civic Research Institute.

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