Recent developments concerning Mars

Recent developments concerning Mars

Recent developments concerning Mars.

Recent developments concerning Mars: This paper will look into the implications of the recent developments concerning Mars. It will include a detailed description of discoveries made so far and the future exploration into the planet.

Planets are natural objects visible in the sky.  By definition, a planet is a celestial body revolving about the sun receiving its illumination from light from the sun. There are eight known planets namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Mars.

The latter is fourth from the sun and forms our topic of deliberation.  According to Greek mythology, Mars is also referred to as the red planet because it resembles blood, hence was named after the Roman God of war.  .

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was life it would have been easily detect.  NASA with their state of the art equipment launched a landing mission in 2011 to get to the right spot of intended examination.

The connection the current and primary sources is the need to establish what happens around us. Scientists would call it exploration, which should form a good base is learning, which in a way is fascinating.

Despite being skeptical about the worthiness of exploring and even more often considering it as an extra burden it is in a way helpful to authority bodies example in point NASA (NASA Facts on Mars Exploration Rover) as the equipment used their technology may be use on other assignments.


Haberle, R.M. (2010) MARS. The International Journal of Mars Science and Exploration Science: Detecting secular climate change on Mars

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