Reason that Allies won

Reason that Allies won

Reason that Allies won

During the war, Germans concentrated on the manufacture of more refined weapons compared to those that were used by the allies. Since they had advanced in technology, they used the advancement into their advantage but unfortunately, the weapons led to their defeat. While the allies easily repaired their weapons, the Germans had a hard time doing it. Their weapons had parts that were unique hence making it hard to interchange them. (Richard, 1995, p.45)

Even though the weapons had proved to be a great threat to then allies during the first stages of the war, their domination was short-live. They usually delayed as they tried to repair the weaponry and as a result, the allies easily attacked the axis, especially the Germans.

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Another factor that led to the victory of the allies was because the axis were guided by misconceptions. Adolf Hitler believed that the allies were very slow in rearming. After them at the beginning of the war, Hitler thought that it would take time before the allies retaliate.

But driven by the will and desire to win the war, the allies were back with vengeance and were able to win against the axis. Maybe, if Germany had persisted on the attacks, the axis would have emerged victorious. But Hitler became overconfidence hence giving allies a chances to regroup, reform and then retaliate. (Stoler, 2007, p.667).

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