Reality Television

Reality Television

Reality Television.

Reality television has evolved to become one of the largest revenue makers for television channels. In addition, it is one of the most accepted genres of media offered by television.  One of the biggest reality TV shows to capture the world in current years has been “Big Brother” in Australia, 2008 clocking up to 16 series.

People love reality TV so much since they can see themselves in the people on their TV screens and can relate to their situation. Reality TV comprises shows such as Big Brother and Law and Order.

Reality TV shows have been capturing the minds of many not only the U.S, but the rest of the world, as well. Most Reality TV shows have negative influences but some have positive ones.

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can bring to TV. There are also some bad things that reality TV has brought out and there needs to be some rules set in by networks. Critics have acknowledged the problems and they have to to make sure that it doesn’t get worse.

The one thing that makes reality TV is the audience and they watch the shows because they are so compelling. When the American audience gets uninterested or bored with reality TV a new kind will captivate them.

For now, nothing requires to be done about reality television; the trend needs to be acceptable to run its course. When the American audience stops watching reality TV the trend will end.


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