Reading response: Stereotypes of Appalachia


Reading response: Stereotypes of Appalachia

People who live in Appalachia are from different regions and, as a result, there is a great cultural multiplicity. Despite being depicted as a place where poverty thrives, Appalachia is a place rich in culture. The fact that people from different regions with different cultures live together is very important. As a result of the cultural interactions, there was the introduction of new foods and music. Students from different races were able to learn together in same schools.

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The fact that the Hispanic people were disliked by others is an indication of racism.  When different people live together, they are able to learn about various cultures. Education is an important factor that brings diverse people together and, as a result, they get to learn how to appreciate other cultures. Belonging to a particular culture gives people a sense of belonging but the importance lies on what people do with the culture. They should use them different cultures to make life better.

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