Reaction 2 Assignment: Seven Years War in America

The seven years’ war in America began in 1754 and ended in 1763. The main conflict took seven years period to resolve. The war involved some great powers and affected many countries including North America, Europe, India, Central America, West African Coast and the Philippines. The war is also known as the French and Indian war. In the beginning, there arose some conflicts between the Great Britain and the France when the British attacked the French positions that were disputed in North America and also seized hundreds of merchant ships that belonged to France. The conflict took seven years to be resolved. It eventually ended in 1763.

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The seven years’ war in America ended in 1763 after French lost to the war. The British were eventually happy to take New France in their effort to defend the North American colonies. The war resulted to the destruction of properties and loss of lives. The Indians played a significant role at the beginning till the end of the war despite being pawns of the European combatants. Indian tribes and confederation chose European powers in accordance with the benefits drawn from them. Indeed, the war is not only significant for historical purposes, but also a lesson to the today’s generation.

Shannon, Timothy J. . The Seven Years’ War in North America: A Brief History with Documents. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2013.

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