Ray Rice’s Wife Slams Media

Ray Rice's Wife Slams Media

Ray Rice’s Wife Slams Media

Ray Rice’s Wife Slams Media:Ray Rice, a player in the American National Football league (NFL) is alleged to have assaulted his fiancée, Janay Palmer. This is after a Video of him dragging her out of an elevator in Antlantic City casino surfaced. As a result, he was indicted on aggravated assault charges. They married a day later. A video of Ray punching Janay in the elevator is released shortly after. He is then suspended indefinitely by NFL and is released by Ravens.

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There should be measures to ensure that all messages are audited they are released to the public in this way incidences where messages posted will not have serious detrimental effects on any of the parties involved. At the end of the day social media should be used to everyone’s advantage. Each and every person should take into consideration the impact of their message on all parties involved before letting it go viral. This is the only way the message serves the purpose for which it was posted and that the impact and consequences is not dire.

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