Rape Trauma Syndrome

Rape Trauma Syndrome

Rape Trauma Syndrome

Rape trauma syndrome is a psychological distress experienced by rape victims. This trauma includes disruptions to normal emotional, physical, interpersonal, and cognitive behavior. Ann Burgess, a psychiatrist, and Lynda Holmstrom, a sociologist, were among the first people to describe the theory of rape trauma syndrome in the early seventies. It is a cluster of physical and psychological signs, reactions and symptoms, which are common to the majority of the rape victim.

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In conclusion, a person heals in their own way, there are no fast rules, just as there is no pill that can cure RTS. However, drugs can be used to help with the side effects of rape trauma syndrome. These side effects may include sleeplessness and hyper arousal. It is rather unfortunate that there is no simple and clear solution for such an intricate phenomenon. The survivors have to confront their whole ordeal by repeating this confrontation, and learning to accept the trauma as their past. However, counseling and therapy helps to discover an easier path through the ordeal and set a victim on the path to healing.

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