Radiological Dispersion Device

Radiological Dispersion Device

Radiological Dispersion Device.

Radiological Dispersion Device: The possibility that terrorist groups might use a radiological dispersion device (RDD) in a national setting increased the U.S government and the general public’s concern over such deadly weapons of mass disruption.

According to the U.S Department of Defense, a radiological dispersion device is any weapon or equipment other than a nuclear explosive weapon that is specifically premeditate to release and disperse lethal radioactive material over a targeted area.

The RDD causes massive destruction, deaths and injuries to the victims. RDD other types of bombs like the dirty bomb in which explosives release radioactive material, but in general, the characteristic of RDD’s is that they don’t require explosives to cause damage.

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Survivors of the blast may have to be relocated to other areas, the hospitals and shelters get jammed with displaced people and children, most of them suffering from trauma and psychological effects of the radiation experience.

Nuclear technology and knowledge is on the rise than any other time in the American history. The availability of fissile and radioactive raw materials in the black market. Sufficient enough to assemble crude RDD has strengthened terrorist activities.

The detonation of a RDD has resulted in a number of casualties, caused urban contamination and fiscal and social distraction.  They are motivated by achieving religious goals and are less concerned by the effects caused to their victims. Such criminals can use nuclear weapons if granted the opportunity.


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