Racism in Criminal Justice System

Racism in Criminal Justice System

Racism in Criminal Justice System

Dear Senator, the issue of racial inequalities in your state have risen over the last few years within the judicial system. Arrests and sentences have been made depending on the skin color. Whereas there are many cases to consider, the interesting one concerns the issue of drugs. Whereas the highest number of drug abusers in your state are whites, the number of blacks in prisons due to drug charges continue to rise. It is an issue that requires thorough consideration.

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In conclusion, racism cannot be exist in the American system of justice. African Americans cannot continue to be accuse of drug abuse while their white counterparts, who make up the highest percentage of substance abuse, roam in towns, free. Nevertheless, it is difficult classify the source of the entire problem. Just like stated earlier, courts, prosecutors, juries, the police, legislators and penal administrators should know that they are all part of the criminal justice system, and each is entitled to a key role. They must ensure that the law is respected, and a due process is seen in the diverse society.

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