Racism in Canada

Racism in Canada

Racism in Canada

Racism has been an enduring delinquent that numerous people face in the Canadian social order throughout the antiquity (Walker, 2008). Predominantly, racism has been a matter observed in the places of work. In the editorial “Organizing against Racism in the Place of Work: Chinese Workers in Vancouver Afore the Second World War” , Gillian Creese, the author,  argues that before the Second World War, Chinese workers experienced working condition that were worse than non-Asian workers. The Chinese workers were mainly immigrants, their only way of earning income was to sell labor as a commodity whereas Canadians own and control the means of production.

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Equality in the Canadian society is an illusion that the Canadian Constitution Act of 1982 portrays as various forms of racism displayed throughout the society. It is evident as several sociologists indicate their perspective about equality in Canada. In the situation of racism at the workplace, the authors, Gillian Crease and Tania Das Gupta, both confirm the occurrence of racism at the workplace. Chinese workers and black nurses were discriminated through low pay and forced resignation (Dua, Razack & Warner, 2005).

Wortley S., Owusu-Bempah A. (2011). The Usual Suspects: Police Stop and Research Practices in Canada. Policing and Society, 21(4), 395-407.

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