Racial tension

Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a novel which made a huge sale; “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. The novel appealed to a large audience by focusing on mainstream cultural and religious beliefs. That is, he mobilized the ideal of domesticity and the evangelical doctrine to argue that slavery was a destructive and un-Christian way to family life. In addition, his intent was to convince people of his country that slavery was a sin that had detrimental effects on both the slaves and the souls of those who owned them. This is according to Anheier ET, al (2010).

———————————–Middle of paper——————————-The literature is also significant in the fact that it is studied in schools giving the students and idea of what the country was in those early years and how far the country has come. The writings and speeches of the great scholars have been used to create a historical archive for the country; hence important in maintaining the country’s historical context.

Anheier, H. K., Toepler, S., & List, R. (2010). International encyclopedia of civil society. New York: Springer.

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