Racial Stereotyping

Racial Stereotyping

Racial Stereotyping.

Racial stereotyping is defined as the process of generating misleading representation about a certain ethnic group. It is usually the use of ethnicity in passing judgment. These characteristics are usually create depending on the general character trait of the ethnic group.

There are ethnic groups which are portraye as being inferior while there are other considere superior. In many cases, racial stereotyping is done basing on negative elements of a certain ethnic community rather than the positive ones.

It has been a topic of debate by many scholars. Some argue that racial stereotyping is a bad idea while others claim that it has its positive impacts. In most cases, it is regarde as a way of justifying racism.

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numerous cases of Arabs being detaine on terrorist charges yet they are innocent. Such are as a result of racial stereotyping in the community. Though the above illustrations indicate that it is unjust, there are many who claim otherwise and see no harm in racial profiling.

At the end, racial profiling is a morally unaccepte factor that should be eliminate in the community to enhance unity among different races. The report above illustrate the meaning of racial stereotyping and how it is perceive in the society.

It also indicates the numerous disadvantages that are associate with racial profiling. The report also demonstrates that though racial stereotyping is viewe as a negative vice, to some people it is regarde as a measure of pride.

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