Racial Injustice and the Central Park Five

Racial Injustice and the Central Park Five

Racial Injustice and the Central Park Five

Racism is a term that can be defined as the belief that each and every member of a particular race possesses abilities or characteristics specific to that race. This is especially in an attempt to distinguish a race as superior or inferior to other races. Racism is prejudice, antagonism, or discrimination against somebody of a different race ground on the conviction that one’s race is more superior. Racism has been in existence throughout human history. In the past 500 to 1000 years, racism by Western powers toward communities that are non-Westerners has had an enormous impact on history compared to any other racism form.

In the U.S., racism has been a major problem since the slave era and the colonial era. Studies indicate that police are more prone to pulling over and frisking Latinos and blacks compared to whites.[1]

In New York City’s history, racism cases have been rampant. About 80 percent of the stops made in the city were Latinos and blacks. Out of those people, 85 percent of them were body searched, compared to a mere 8 percent of white individuals stopped. After they are arrest, Black-Americans are 33 percent more likely in comparison to whites to be imprison while facing a crime trial in the city of New York.

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However, it is very clear that this money cannot the remedy the situation. Many years of five promising teenagers were taken away, and they cannot be replaced by any amount of money. In addition, if proper investigations were carried out at the moment, the state of New York could not have suffered such an enormous cost. Suitable racial reforms ought to be would to avoid such a case from repeating itself.

Burns, Ken, and Sarah Burns. “Video: Central Park Five Overview | Watch Central Park Five Online.” PBS Video. April 4, 2013. http://video.pbs.org/video/2340822969/.

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