Racial Identity

Racial Identity

Racial Identity

The concept of ratio identity has been contested and misunderstood. Some definitions of the term are derived from its biological aspect and others from its social aspect. As a biological classification, a race is derived from a person’s gene pools, physical features, and character qualities. Europeans utilized these features as distinguishing characteristics. They grouped other races hierarchically by a moral quality and physical ability.

Today, the theoretical and literary manifestations of racial identity are not discussed in biological terms, they are discussed as a social construction; this refers to a sense of collective or group identity based on an individual’s perception that he shares a common heritage with a specific racial group.

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Racial identity is also based on social factors. It is seen as an individual’s identification with a part of a larger society with which he shares a common origin as well as a common culture. Racial identity appears to be a frame in which people identify unconsciously and consciously with those with whom they feel a common bond resulting from similar values, traditions, beliefs, and behaviors.

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