Racial disparities in the United States prison system

Racial disparities in the United States prison system

Racial disparities in the United States prison system

The discussion of this research assignment is o be based on the description of the African American male communities members who are subject to a higher incarcerations to the American states prisons than the white communities. In the prisons like the Rikers Island Prison in New York have been evidently dominated with African Americans. The African Americans are also faced with various elements of racial discrimination and disparity in the court system of Unites States which shall be comprehensively covered in details in this research. The content of the findings of this research based on the African American male community incarcerations has been divided illustratively into three parts.

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The Obama administration has also made the case for decision making driven which are data driven repeatedly, apportionment of congressional and redistricting hinge on the 2010 census. The lawmakers of the country normally use the estimates of population provided frequently with the federal government in evaluating and designing of host social programs. About 2.3 million Americans are normally overlooked in the design matter of the most used sources of data while they are also under counted in some other sources.

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