races in prison

Indeed, few criminal justice problems can be more troubling than the increased prevalence of racial disparity within the justice system. Beginning with the arrests to the court and parole proceedings as well as the social reactions, there are substantial ethnic and racial disparities that can be found in virtually every social, legal, and political structure as well as jurisdiction. While the disparities have for years been persistent, in many respects they have exacerbated despite the considerable economic and social progress in numerous areas of the American life. The consequences and causes of the disparities are complex, and they have been the subject of much public and academic attention.

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In fact, the USA’S war on drugs is long-standing and serious business and altering it by suggesting that those involved in non-violent acts should be incarcerated for life is simply a loss in the war and especially for minority race groups that are disadvantaged financially as well as access to public resources. Indeed, the presidency does have positive ideologies on reducing the prison population and especially for the minority and the class disparities but it is a tough and long journey but a much-needed path that the nation must tread on.

Barak, G., Leighton, P., & Cotton, A. (2014). Class, race, gender, and crime: The social realities of justice In America, 4th edition. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

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