Race relations in America

Race relations in America

Race relations in America

Race Relations in the current America appear to have lost the eventual objective of equal rights. During the earlier years, great heroes took center stage in an attempt to begin creating a racial balanced society. However, at this time, people throughout this country have forget what is actually meant by equal rights. It means equality for all but it appears people have started to neglect this issue when relating with the diverse racial groups in the nation (Douglass, 1960).

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American society happens to have long been the cultural melting pot, incorporating people from all ethnic and racial backgrounds. Even though the nation’s history tends to have been plaid on the methods of successfully integrating individuals from all the ethnic and racial backgrounds, the current America is still struggling with methods that will guarantee equality and fairness for all.

Douglass, F. (1960). Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass: An American slave. Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press.

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