Qwest Communications Ethics and Leadership

Qwest Communications Ethics and Leadership

Qwest Communications Ethics and Leadership.

Qwest Communications Ethics and Leadership: Every person in this world has a dream, or a career that they would want to achieve in the future. There are those of us who dream of serving other people in different capabilities and professions.

There are those individuals who aspire of making the world a better place through science, politics, business developments, religion among other factors. Every profession or a dream has its own responsibilities, benefits and challenges (Baker, 2011).

For example, a doctor’s pride is to see his/ her patient recover. For a businessman/woman, it is to make a profit while a politician’s is leaving a memorable legacy. In this case study, I will discuss unworthy persons in administrative positions,

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of taking care of the fruits in the plantation, transportation, processing, to marketing and selling of the product. There would be strict policies in the company to ensure that the above code of ethics is observed to the letter.

There would also be a yearly audit on the transactions of the company as well as the payments of salaries to the workers from the plantation levels to those in big management positions.

With the above code of ethics, I believe a company like the United Fruit would go a long way in promoting harmony between the employee, the employee and the client. I feel that it would also reflect well on the success of the company.


Barker, T. (2011). Police ethics: Crisis in law enforcement. Springfield, Ill: Chares C. Thomas.

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