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Euro-American society is one of the notable and the most in favored society in history. There are several benefits and advantages of living in the Euro-American. Euro-American has privileges that were beyond non-white in terms of social, economic and political circumstances. Privileges are distributed, and unearned based on the values of dominant groups, who were the white in the American society. Euro-Americans were considered culturally part of the western world enjoy advantages that non-white did not experience. Euro-Americans experienced several prejudices such as one’s worth, freedom to work move and speak freely and presumed greater social status that influenced educational, professional and personal contexts (Welsch & Adams, 2005, p. 84).

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American Women earn 63 percent of every dollar by Native American women while Hispanic women earned 53 percent of every dollar earned by white women. Another barrier towards development and advancement of women in the workplace is sexual discrimination in the Year 1999, when gender equality was prevalent in the American society.

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