Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II: People do imagine a lot of things, but few have dared to imagine a situation as grim as the capturing of Queen Elizabeth II. Now, against all odds, imagine that she had a massive disagreement with the reigning British Prime Minister and she got arrested!

Well, if what you have in mind is a huge, rowdy non-forgiving, villainy British disapproving mob, then you are welcome… because King Charles I must and ought to die!

As we speak (1649), England has been desecrated by this unforgiving but avoidable civil war and, as much as we would like to blame everything on our collective sympathy, King Charles is responsible or this war. He must go and, if our country is constitutional (not Biblical),

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Many will say that the man is God-chosen, but nothing could ever be far from truth than that. Just like you and I, King Charles is mortal, and he doesn’t belong to the throne.

I know, he might be intimidating, but he surely is no God. Were he God, England would be peaceful, prosperous, loving, and safe to walk through all of its streets.

I do not know which side of Britain you come from but what I know is that you do not feel safe even sitting at your porch sipping on your cup of tea or something – like it used to be. Bottomline, England does not deserve King Charles I; he must go if you and I have to be happy!

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