Qualitative Research Method

Qualitative Research Method

Qualitative Research Method.

Qualitative Research Method: This paper explores the use of qualitative research method in relation to furthering education to improve the quality of life. In recent years furthering studies have been proved to have a big impact on improving the quality of life.

(Sirgy, 2012)The term quality of life is used to evaluate the general wellbeing of individuals in a society. How furthering education improves quality of life. It is important to state the research question so as to help me as a researcher to formulate objectives, hypothesis, methodology, work plan and budget.

Also it allows me to describe the problem, reflect on its importance and its priority.  The purpose of the proposed study is to learn about how education contributes to the improvement of life and describe the gaps that exist in the knowledge about this behavior.

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the schools and record what I have seen that relates to my area of interest. I intend to employ structured, semi-structured, in-depth interviews and unstructured and discussion.

I intend to interview approximately 3000 respondents translating to 1% of the total population. My interview shall be structure in such a way that various people in learning institutions are reach

I intend to interview every one person out of 100. (Wasserman, 2005). Interview will help me acquire the first hand information from the students on what they know about the importance of education in improving the quality of life.


Ferriss, A. L. (2010). Approaches to improving the quality of life: How to enhance the quality of    life. Dordrecht: Springe

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