Purposes of The Federal Government

Purposes of The Federal Government

Purposes of The Federal Government.

Purposes of The Federal Government: The national government has responsibilities that are well defined by the constitution of the US. The constitution gives the direction and dictates the way in which the government has carried out its governance.

According to the constitution, the federal government had six roles that it should endeavor to work towards achieving them. First, the purpose of the federal government has created a perfect union.

This union is between the government and its citizen, and united the federal government with the state government. According to the constitution of the United States creating and development of a perfect joint is one of the fundamental roles of the government.

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federal government is to ensure that the liberty of its citizen is protected. The constitution of the US state the liberty is the freedom that is give to people to live the way they wish as long as their way of life does not compromise the right of another citizen. The government has to protect the right of individuals and promote liberty among citizens. (Wilson, DiIulio & Bose, 2011, p. 307).

Notably, the purpose of the federal government is aime at protecting lives in the US and promoting the welfare of its people. The president has to therefore aim at forming and maintaining a government that is citizen oriente to prove good governance skills.


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