Purposes of Action Research

Purposes of Action Research

Purposes of Action Research.

Purposes of Action Research: Action research can be seen as a effective approach that can help us in understanding in details, some of the underlying factors that exist in a given scenario.

The concept of action research is very common in evidence based research. This could indicate the significance of action research in research studies. This paper will explore the purposes of action research and its applications in evidence based practice.

At first, action research tends to recognize the existence of relationship between knowledge and power (Rowell, 2006). For this reason it creates the possibility of adding new knowledge and incorporating it to change.

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cause of the problem in the society. Action research is highly applicable in researching the common problems that affect communities. It has been identified as an important tool that can aid in effecting change in the community as well as identifying the right development projects.

Action research has also been widely applied in the field of education (Rowell, 2006). It has been found that action research has been applied in education so as to bring change in education. It has also aided in the development of professionals where teachers are seen as researchers (Michael & Sean, 2005).

Action research has also been widely used in counseling (Michael & Sean, 2005). The counselors have used this tool to improve on their practice. In conclusion action research is an important tool that can help professionals to improve on their practice and effect change.


Michael, K. J., & Sean, K. A. (2005). Practicing Participatory Action Research. 187-195.

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