Puritanism in America 1620-1750

Puritanism in America 1620-1750

Puritanism in America 1620-1750.

Puritanism in America 1620-1750: The book by Emerson, Puritanism in America, focuses on the history of the early puritans and their journey in the era of enlightenment.  The author traces the inception, development and decline of Puritanism in the sixteenth century.

Puritanism was a phenomenon interwoven with social organization, economics, politics, and church polity. In addition to specific religious thoughts, the matters surrounding this occurrence are explaine in details. The author explores the period when the puritans first came into being in the 1620 and in 1750, after the period of great awakening.

In summary, the book focuses on puritans and their various activities which were the products of the great awakening

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detailed and a good reference for the biography of the great puritans in the period of 1620 to 1750. The book explicates the theme on how Puritanism changed the affected society at the time.

The major events and how they impacte on the society are also given in a chronological manner. Growth and development of Puritanism is clearly presente in the book in an organize and easy to understand way. The author explains how the puritans came into being and what led to their ideas.

He also gives an account of the happenings. That took place in the Puritanism era and the transformations that the society experienced. The great puritans who came up with the ideas of Puritanism in the sixteenth century. Are also critically reviewe in the book to give an insight on what led to such developments.

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