Punk and Popular Culture

Punk and Popular Culture

Punk and Popular Culture

Considering both the social and political consciousness rock and the popular cultural rock (music and image) as a form of the rock culture, a parallel historical shift has been witnessed greatly on the popular cultural rock which involves both the music and the image. In addition, looking at the historical side from the early 1960s, there is a lot of parallel historical shift in both the music and the image of the rock.

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I don’t think rock fashion is the most short-lived form of art, but I think, looking at other forms of fashion, the trend is the same, the change is witnessed from all the fashion forms.
If you look even in the early days, rock culture in not only for the young generation but even the old. However, the majority of the people who publicize the rock culture are the young generation and so, for them to increase their fan base, they will shift their focus to the young people.

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