Public Relations in the New England Patriots

Public Relations in the New England Patriots

Public Relations in the New England Patriots

Public Relations in the New England Patriots:The various aspects and elements of public relations with regard to New England Patriots, a professional team in American football, are discussed. In particular, the role of public relations in the formation of the New England Patriots’ marketing mix is discussed, along with media and technology role and impact on the team’s public relations function. The structures of various media entities, together with the significance of consumer behavior, market research, moral considerations, promotion and sales management as well as strategic management are also described. Finally, an analysis of the how sport is related to audio-visual communications, developmental communications, mass communications, and telecommunications, among areas of communication presented.

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Public relation is indispensable for profit oriented sports organization, just as it is crucial in corporate organizations. This means that all elements of public relations that apply to corporate firms also apply to sports organizations. New England Patriots depicts how public relations apply to sports organizations.

Bhargava, D. (2010). The use of Internet in public relations and its impact on the practice: A
New Zealand perspective. AUT University, School of Communications Studies, Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies

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