Public health and aging population

Public health and aging population

Public health and aging population

Public health and aging population: Public health refers to a science and art of disease prevention, prolonging life and promoting health through informed choices and organized efforts of society, public and private organizations, individuals and communities. It deals with health threats based on analysis of population health (World Health Organization, 2004).

Aging population, on the other hand, is a phenomenon that happens when a country’s median age rises due to declining birth rates and or rising life expectancy. An increase in life expectancy has previously been witnessed in the more economically developed nations, and also recently in the less economically developed nations, causing aging populations.

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There is a known high prevalence of functional disability in the aging population and health transition among them than any other population category. Evidence also shows close association with health-related and socio-demographic factors with disability among the elderly. It is also evident that people with disabilities are specifically susceptible, vulnerable to deficiencies in health care services.

In addition, people with disabilities may experience much susceptibility to secondary conditions, age-related conditions, co-morbid conditions, and higher rates of premature death. Therefore, disability must be addressed as a public health outcome in the aging population.

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