PTSD in the Work Place

PTSD is a reaction a victim has after being exposed to an event, which is beyond the normal human experience. It is usually a normal human reaction to an abnormal situation. Researchers have established that different people have different reactions to different situations (O’Donohue, Carlson, & Benuto, 2014).

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As much as there are no fast rules, just as there is no universally right pill that can cure PTSD, some medication can be used to assist with most side effects of PTSD such as hyper arousal and sleeplessness. Unfortunately, there is yet no simple explicit solution a complex phenomenon like PTSD. The PTSD victims have to confront their ordeals through repetition of this confrontation, learning to accept their traumatic experiences as part of their past, and move on. However, counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy can help to find an easier path through the trauma and set a survivor on the path to healing.

Alaggia, R., Dennis, J. P., Annabel, P., & Saini, M. (2013). Interventions to Reduce Distress in Adult Victims of Rape and Sexual Violence: A Systematic Review. Sage journals.

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