Psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder

Psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder

Psychopathy or antisocial personality disorder

Psychopathy or Antisocial Personality Disorder refers to the behavior of some people in a manner that is said to be antisocial. (Hare, Neumann, Psychopathy)Such antisocial behaviors include lack of remorse, lack of guilty feelings, not showing respect to others and also doing things without caring whether other people are being hurt in the process.

The level or irresponsibility among Psychopaths is very high. Usually, Psychopathy is misunderstood and this may lead to serious consequences to the Psychopaths and those who live around them. There are different definitions of Psychopathy some which compare while others are totally contradictory. It is important to assess for Psychopathy or Antisocial Personality Disorder in adult forensic population.

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Those who suffer from Antisocial Personality Disorder are able to manipulate the authorities. For example if a Psychopath in on trial for assault, the judge may prolong the trial because the Psychopath might repeat the offence again. If a person is believed to be Psychopath, the judge may recommend a mental center instead of a prison.

Before any decision is made as far as Psychopaths are concerned, thorough assessments should be done so that adequate diagnosis is used. The best way to deal with them is to first understand them.

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