Psychology of Addictive Behaviors Personality and Gambling Involvement

Psychology of Addictive Behaviors Personality and Gambling Involvement

Psychology of Addictive Behaviors Personality and Gambling Involvement

Individual differences in personality development play a significant role in explaining the propensity towards gambling. Additionally, gambling itself banks on the rationale and frequency of a given character. However, the relation between gambling and nature may be inadequately accounting for the possible diversities of all sorts of gambling activities. For instance, the reflection of 4,669 individuals from the Australian registry could clearly show the nuanced and comprehensive portrait. These were the participants used during the experimental period.

The researchers were interested in knowing the relation between gambling and personality through an approach-based focus (Savage et al., 2014). Further, it is vivid that personality trait of impulsivity plays a primary role in the development of pathological gambling. Equally, it is one of the fundamental components of other related disorders, which include the substance abuse disorder.

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Further, researchers found out that men’s impulsivity levels, in addition to aggression, probably contribute to the act of gambling. Alternatively, women cite situational problems or negative emotions while men usually cite the need for winning monetary sustenance. However, not enough research to show the real causes for developing gambling problems, but further analysis will rely on the already existing fundamental units.


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