Psychology; Susan and David experience an upset in their marriage as a result of an argument. The definition of an argument in critical thinking is a set of prepositions or statements designed to convince a person of a claim and gives a reason for the accusation.

A person who employs critical thinking skills views all sides of an argument and gathers evidence to support the argument. Again, a person who uses critical thinking breaks down the arguments by looking at the repercussions connected to them. After determining the repercussions, a person considers the contradiction and support the side with the least contradictions.

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To solve the issue in David and Susan’s marriage, the couple should apply suspending judgment to check the validity of a preposition critical thinking skill (Leicester & Taylor, 2010). This skill will help both David and Susan in dealing with anger because they will critically think why the other person has taken action.

This skill also helps in viewing issues definite hence giving encouraging healthy communication. When Susan starts applying this skill, she will view David’s action of failing to perform even the most basic chore as a weakness and try to cope with it. David on the other hand, will not be upset by Susan’s comment.

Cogan, R. (1998). Critical thinking: Step by step. Lanham, Md: University Press of America.

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