Psychological Factors

Psychological Factors

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors in a human being refer to particular factors or things that are intellectually oriented. Factors which may, in turn, lead to the influencing of the characteristics and functions of the human brain. Psychology is a pragmatic discipline involving the scientific study of mental behaviors and functions.

Psychology seeks to explore notions encompassing phenomenology, and other concepts in the study of the mental framework. I will attempt to identify the psychological factors affecting how teenagers in an impoverished urban area spend their time outside of school.

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Scientific methods refer to the process of question development, data collection and analysis and finally the interpretation of data giving rise to a conclusion. The Causal defines the relationship between a specific event (referred to as the cause) and another effect after it referred to like the effect. Another scientific method that will be used is the descriptive research method.

Descriptive research method  comes into play when an experiment may prove too tedious a task . An example of such is the naturalistic observation. The natural observation primarily goes against the usual standards of a natural experiment in which accurate observation is fundamental and determines its success. Natural observation involves the observation of rational behavior in a given setting such as a shopping mall or a school playground.

Nigel Benson. (2007). Introducing Psychology: A graphic guide to your mind and behavior.

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