Psychological Factors Associated with crime

Psychological Factors Associated with crime

Psychological Factors Associated with crime.

There are many psychological factors associated with crime. Psychological causes of crime include a wide range of factors. These factors examine the reasons why an individual commits a crime, the intention, will, and the reaction of that individual after committing the crime.

Psychological factors compose both the mental and behavior process of a person’s mind. This may include behavior issues, mental illness, and needs of a person. However, in the prisons, many criminals are given the same treatment (Elias, 2013).

This paper seeks to explain whether or not prison helps one to improve and be a functioning part of society. Correctional facilities and programming are at a higher level of effectiveness than the previous expectations.

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rather they learn more ways of committing crime within the correctional facilities. In my opinion, prisons are simply continuing the cycle of crime.

In conclusion, prisons have become a continuing cycle of crime. A good number of convicts do not rehabilitate, and end up committing more crimes once out of prison. The criminal justice system may have included more programs to help make convicts better people, but still much is required.

For example, a juvenile offender convicted is mixed up with other criminals who train them on even more dangerous acts. Some people get out smoking and addicted to drugs they never saw before prison. I therefore conclude that prisons do not make a person better, but rather a continuing cycle of crime.


Andrews, D. A., & Bonta, J. (2010). The Psychology of Criminal Conduct, Burlington: Elsevier Science.

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