Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment

Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment

Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment

Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, and Carl Jung were one of the most influential early thinkers who have contributed greatly to modern psychology. These early psychologists were passionate about psychology and they spent their lives learning about human behavior. Their endeavors led to a better understanding of human psychology.

They came at a time when early science of psychology was taking a new course of addressing and understanding people internal struggles and changes. These pioneers came up with different perspectives and approaches to understand the inner functioning of humans. Each of these psychologists came up with a theory for understanding human behavior better.

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Sigmund Freud psychological view claimed that the entire human psych was different from the sexual perspective. He stipulated that human mind has three basic components: the idi, ego, and superego, which work together to make a complex of human behaviors. According to him, the idi is the component of personality present right from birth. This aspect is unconscious and includes all the aspects of primitive behaviors.

Typically, it is derived from the principle of pleasure that strives for gratification of needs, wants, and desires. For example, hunger and thirst produces an attempt to drink or eat. Whenever an infant is uncomfortable or hungry, it cries until its id demands are met. However, it is notable that meeting all these needs is not always possible. for instance, the desire to acquire comfort is not easy to satisfy. As such, people develop the ego, which is based on adjusting to reality.

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