Psychoanalytic Approach in Family Counseling

Psychoanalytic Approach in Family Counseling

Psychoanalytic Approach in Family Counseling

Psychoanalytic Approach in Family Counseling:Psychoanalytic approach was the most dominant paradigm of psychology that influenced counseling and psychotherapy and counseling in the first part of the 20th century. However, it was replaced by behaviorism and then by cognitive-oriented programs. Nevertheless, psychoanalytic theory has persisted in the 21st century in relation to family counseling. Family therapy has no collected works or standard edition. Many people would view this as the main strength of the movement of family counseling, which is not founded on a unitary theory, but is together in looking at human phenomena via a family pair of eyes (Brodiea &Wright, 2002).

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Psychoanalytic family counselors use theoretical integration to rise above limitation of applying one theoretical orientation as the basis through going beyond that orientation to other paradigms and models that can help in addressing the concerns in questions. Some repressed relationships are associated with disordered patterns of family communication. These eventually serve to prevent intolerable encounters of helpless family dependencies, which is feared would threaten the survival. In extreme cases, all intimate relationships are severely depleted; sharing preoccupations of the family which are poorly defined takes the position of true interaction. The approach of predominant communication to the treatment of such circumstances is advocated (Belsey, 1990). However, it is done with crucial additional dimension that the counselor plans such interventions on the foundation of an understanding of the repressed family intimate relationships.

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