Apart from affordable healthcare provision, Americans are in pursuit of ethical standards of providing health care. Bioethics can be described as the application of ethical standards in the field of medicine (Bulcock, 2013). The term has been used recently to study the ways in which decisions in science and medicine affect our health, lives, society, and the environment. Bioethics tries to answer questions regarding the fundamental human values including health, right to life, and the wrongness or rightness of certain advances in healthcare institution. Bioethics affects every level of the community, from the smallest nursing facilities to the international symposiums on issues such as the Human Genome (Bulcock, 2013).

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In conclusion, it is evident that cases of unethical practices in the provision of medical services existed both in the past and present days. However, by the governing bodies setting up severe punishment for those involved in this practices, Americans will not only benefit from affordable health services but also from ethical service provision.

Bulcock, J. A. (2013). Introduction to a Collection of Issues within Bioethics, Philosophy of Medicine, and Philosophy of Psychiatry. Journal of Medicine & Philosophy, 38(2), 83-90.

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