Protestantism and the Social Gospel Movement

Protestantism and the Social Gospel Movement

Protestantism and the Social Gospel Movement

Religion is and has always had a significant grip on the society in the whole world. In America, religion brought up the first Christian movement whose sole purpose was to fight for the needs of the people. The social gospel movement refers to a Protestant Christian knowledgeable association that came to be known during late 19th and the 20th centuries.

Christians of the Protestant denomination came up with the movement. This is by linking salvation and good work by relating Christian ethics to social problems that affected their followers. Their views reflects in religious words and the questioning of “what would Jesus do?” in certain scenarios, and tried to imitate Jesus Christ’s life in their actions.

They also operated on post-millennialist. Where they supposed that the Second coming of Christ could not pass unless the human population eradicated all social evils among them. They consequently downplayed the significance of preaching about sin, salvation and heaven, for the social gospel. In addition, the social gospel followers are attributing to have instigating several reforms among them; creation of settlement housing for the people who were less fortunate in accessing education, health care, and homes. Those that followed the movement were to emulate Jesus’s life by assisting to alleviate social problems such as poverty, slums, deprived nutrition, education, alcoholism, criminality, war, child labor, and racism.

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To conclude, the social gospel movements were founded due to industrialized cities suffering from rapid population increase that promoted poverty and destitution of some of the inhabitants. Therefore, its aim was to alter the social Darwinism system of living that was a common practice in cities in America in the 20th century.

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