Proposition 1

Proposition 1

Proposition 1

Proposition 1:The California drought is the wake-up call that we needed to get serious in solving our water problems. We require a system where water can fill our wetlands, streams and rivers, and provide sufficient water so our cities and farms flourish. Rivers are currently running dry, and water is seeping in the ground from wells much faster than nature can replenish it. Proposition 1 November ballot is a huge step in a better water future. The $7.545 billion package bond will grant funds for important infrastructure needs while protecting our groundwater resources, streams, rivers, and wetlands that are the source main source of our water.

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Prop 1 would make major investments to facilitate restore the health of rivers, watersheds and wildlife across the state, in most cases working through local conservancies that have a good record of success that in turn helps sustain native fisheries and facilitates create fresh water supplies through floodplain restoration that helps with groundwater recharge and storm-water capture.

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