Proposal Summary

Proposal Summary

Proposal Summary

The kingdom Center was an organization established in 2001 by a group of five Britons who wanted to cherish and champion the health matters of HIV infected persons. They realized that these people were isolated and perceived negative by the rest of the world. Unfortunately, even family members could look down upon the infected persons. This actually, triggered the establishment of this organization in order to ensure the already infected people are well treated and live harmoniously with other people in societies.

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The organization is dedicated to achievement of greater goals in the long run. It has laid better strategies to help in curbing the victimization concept in our societies, zero rates the spreading of the virus among people and ensure that the already infected ones exercise positive living.

The organization is focused in outsourcing some extra $100,000 for this mission to become a success. Based on our tight schedules and fixed budgets, the organization will use the grants to reinforce the hopeless persons and facilitate their positive living within their survival dockets.

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