Proposal for ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘Far A Field’

Proposal for ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘Far A Field’

Proposal for ‘Into the Wild’ and ‘Far A Field’

Into the wild is a drama film produced in 2007 in United States of America. The film was written, edited and directed by Sean Penn. The film explains a non-fiction book produced in 1996 based on the travel of Christopher Mc Candles all over North America the life he spent in the wilderness of Alaska in 1990s. The main focus of the topic is to investigate on the plot of the film, the cast of the film. It also briefly looks at the production and release of the film. The topic also views the critical concepts. To enhance a deep coverage of the film ‘Into the wild’, there is a need to look deeply into the key concepts and have a deeper understanding of major contributions for the film formation.

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For us to survive in the environment, we should be flexible as well as be ready to adapt to the new life by consuming whatever we find others consuming and living in accordance to peoples ways of life in the environments. We should also try to build trust with people we encounter so that we may be accepted by them. It will make our lives in a new environment smooth and enjoyable.

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